Winter in NYC is coming!

I was walking around downtown killing a bit of time a month or so back and took these photos of Rockefeller Center. I was surprised to see that the skating rink was up for the year, even though it was barely October. I remember sights like these from childhood visits here with my folks.

THIS stuff is part of the reason I moved to New York City.

My girlfriend Clare has promised to take me to all her favorite Christmas in New York sites. I'm looking forward to holding her close and walking through the snow.

Actually, Rockefeller Center always makes me think about the Museum of Television and Radio (now the Paley Center for Media). It's just about a block away.

I planned on going there ALL THE TIME when I was moving to NYC six months ago. And I haven't gone once. Probably partly because they of this weird change to the 'Paley Center' which makes it look and feel like it isn't the same place I went with my parents and had a great time when I was twelve.

They still seem to have great exhibits and a collection of television recordings. Their site is very smart anyway.

It's now devoted to all media (including comic-books apparently: there's a great, albeit basic, article about the mini-series "Watchmen"!) and as such should be even more interesting to me. I really should go.

That will be the beauty of winter! Clare will be off between semesters at Bard! I cannot wait! Come on Jack Frost! Nip at my nose! Where are ya!


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