The Little Things

Last night I was making a subway trip I've made a bajillion times now after 10 months living in New York City: a train on the N, R, W, Q line late night from somewhere downtown-ish to Times Square-42nd St, where I can catch the A line up to my Washington Heights apartment building.

But last night things didn't follow the usual pattern. Something went wrong. Blame comics. I missed my stop. I was far too engrossed in Darwyn Cooke's brilliant "DC: The New Frontier" #6. And that's a comic I have read before in a different format. So that speaks to Mr. Cooke's incredible abilities at storytelling. He had me enraptured... again.

But if I hadn't been forced to get up and above ground and walk back through Times Square to get to the A line, I never would have met these guys:
The California Boys:
Cory and Jared, two artists making it in NYC by offering to draw your caricature for free.

I believe that rhymes.

Anyway, they are quite talented, very friendly, and are literally giving the art away for free! How often do you see that?

They can be found on the Facebooks and tweeting on Twitter.

I try to keep thankful for the little things. Comics distracted and delayed me, but may have led me to fresher pastures of comics-related things. Who knows...

Now if I can only discipline myself into making more comics and doing less writing about comics, I think I'll be on a good track.


Cory Lally said...

Whoah! Thanks for the shout out man! We'll try to get our foolish little comic up so maybe you could take a look at it too. "who knows" indeed!

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