MoCCA is Mecca (For Independent Comics Creators)

If you're attending the MoCCA Festival this weekend I hope you'll make the time to stop by the Pronto Comics booth (table G5) on Sunday between 1PM and 2PM where I will be doing shop-talk, connecting with fellow creators, and promoting Pronto and myself.

I'm also planning to give away copies of a here-to-fore not-seen-on-the-web comic by me!

I've submitted a script for an upcoming @ProntoComics publication and thus earned a spot at the table. After 2, you'll be able to find me wandering the hall at the Lexington Armory, doing more journalistic stuff for The @LongandShortbox Of It. I will, unfortunately, be unable to attend or table for any length of time on Saturday. I know, it makes me sad too.

Always really enjoyed MoCCA Fest in the past, and I plan to again this year!



P.S. ~ Above art by Josiah Sarr!


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