Writer's Block

After spending the wee hours of the morning reading my housemate's copy of the latest issue of Poets & Writers I find myself thinking:

I'm the owner of a comic-book shop.
What the fuck am I doing?

I can almost hear the fourteen-year-old I used to be screaming: THAT WAS PLAN B!! YOU GAVE UP PRETTY FAST, ASSHOLE! I didn't give up. Not consciously, anyway. That said, I have some responsibilities and those responsibilities preclude having much time to do what I really want: write.

We'll see about that on the permanent. We'll see.

~ @JonGorga

Saving the World

This is a list of people who've saved the world as discovered/encountered by Jon Gorga starting Friday March 16, 2o12. It will be updated as needed.

So, to clarify:
ANYONE (i.e. fictional or real)
who SAVES (i.e. rectifies entirely or partially a standing or potential disaster)
the WORLD (i.e. any society of intelligent beings)

Martin Luther King Jr. counts but so does Luke Skywalker.
Superman will be counted the first upcoming time I read a comic in which he stops Brainiac from shrinking Earth for preservation but not a second time and JFK AND Khrushchev will be counted the first upcoming time I read about how they resolved the Cuban Missile Crisis. No one can make the list twice.

Current count: 8

1. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso, for respecting both his people and the Chinese in the creation of a Tibetan government in exile allowing his culture to continue to thrive. 3/16/2o12
2. Caroline McKinnon, for her social work utilizing comics with children both in Africa and urban Brooklyn. 3/17/2o12
3. Rock Braddon, for defeating Dr. Diaboloque's plot to become ruler of the universe in the ludicrous short story reviving The Space Legion in "Crack Comics" #63. 3/18/2o12
4. Andrew Hamilton, for winning printer John Peter Zenger's case against the colony of New York in 1735, the first win of its kind and the bedrock of American freedom of the press. 3/19/2o12
5. Chief Justice Hugo Black, for spearheading the judgement that ruled in favor of The New York Times continuing to publish The Pentagon Papers, allowing the US government's internal record of the Vietnam War to become public history. 3/19/2o12
6. Seth, the "power-guy", for smartly saving the power to turn back time for the right person keeping a timeline in which the Nazis won WWII from becoming permanent in the fourth episode of the third season of "Misfits". 6/9/2o12.
7. Jackie Estacado, The Darkness, for slicing the throat of The Curator before he could use the Thirteen Artifacts to destroy the entire universe in "Artifacts" #12. 10/25/2o12
8. Alice Meehan, for working as a public defender in the Bronx. 11/30/2o12

There are good things all around you if you're wise enough to see.