What does Gorga write?
I write commentary on arts and culture of all kinds.

Where does Gorga write?
Weekly comics journalism for The Long and Shortbox Of It on
Bi-weekly writing about making comics on the Pronto Comics blog.
Some varied articles of mine are on
And there's a few pieces of good old prose right here on The Comicsmithy.

You'll also find essays in miniature both on Twitter @JonGorga and underneath my photos posted on Flickr.

From comics about Northern Europe {"Metal" Warms Slowly. But It Can Still Burn Hot.} to comics from Northern Europe {A Swiss Samurai. Who Knew?}, on my life's weird little turns {Being Santa is Tough}, from subjects sentimental {May We All Never Forget Where We Came From} to subjects practical {Eatin' Cheap and Livin' Well in NYC}.

+ On anime:
Princess Mononoke, Miyazaki Hayao, and Japan in the Nineties

+ On manga:
The Traditional Japanese Art of Miyazaki Hayao's Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

+ On superheroes:
A History of "Marvelous Color"

+ On underground comics:
Honest Sequential Self-Image(s)

+ On webcomics:
Digital Comics Part 1: People Make Comics on the Internet? You Don't Say!

+ On advertising:
A Call to Ads

+ On promotion:
"Muji" - No Brand Branding