Gorga's Thoughts Sept: "GCT Life 3"

I spent a lot of time in Grand Central over the past few days hammering this out.
There's really no better place for it, after all.

September's edition:

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Come back in a month for another page!

~ @JonGorga


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying this comic a lot, but I wonder if you could reconsider the page design on this one. The vertical boxes on the right-hand side of the page don't align with the horizontal thin panels on the left-hand side, so it's unclear where the reader is supposed to look next. My first instinct was to read the thinner horizontal panels and then progress to the vertical side, but the writing seems out of order that way.

One way you could do it was if you lost one or two images from the left-hand side and combined the text in 3 horizontal panels instead of six, as the actual images you have don't have a direct, need to be seen connection with the writing, unlike, say, the picture of the woman watching her portable DVD player.

But aside from that, I'm really digging it. Two more pages to go...This is Nicki, by the way.

Gorga said...

You know, I should have trusted my reaction instead of figuring I was just staring at it too much.

You're absolutely right. I will attempt changing it after all the pages are done. My hope is actually to design covers, end-pages, and print a mini-comic with all six pages. So that will definitely have an adjusted version.

Max said...

Please continue to fuck yourself with your ignorant and terribly photograph "comics" I hope Stan Lee, Alex Ross, Grant Morrison, and both Jon Romitas' kick your ass for defacing this art form
Ass Clown

Ana Cerro said...
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