I sat in the Henderson Computer Lab until a few moments ago thinking "I should be writing. I should be writing about human skull evolution for my class." But I don't want to write about human skull evolution. I want to write about other shit. The shit in my head that is fighting to get out. I'm a student, I don't get to do that so often. Of course, I'm a college student so I get to do it a hell of a lot more than I ever did in the past.

But still, I am unsatisfied. I am hungry. Suddenly I thought: "Join the bloggers? Why the fuck not!"

I want to write about how much Joe Quesada's recent changes to Spider-Man's continuity piss me off. I want to write about how scared I am that Hillary Clinton is going to steal the Democratic nomination from Barack Obama. I want to write about how remarkably sad I think it is that for a song as supposedly personal as Kelly Clarkson's Because of You is supposed to be, it sounds disgustingly disingenuous to me.

Why is this world so fucked up?

And no, I don't think a pop song, a comic-book, and the current American political situation don't demand equal attention and equal ire. They all represent our culture. In more direct ways in some cases and less direct ways in others.

If you think that the fake and self-serving way Hillary Clinton is running her campaign (look it up if you don't believe me, I am not a single voice screaming in the grand and white-washed halls of the Mall of America) doesn't have everything to do with the way Kelly Clarkson makes music you have a few surprises coming to you.

Hillary Clinton wants one thing, and it isn't to make America great again. It's to be President of the United States.

Kelly Clarkson wants one thing, and it isn't to make great personal music. It's to take your money and feel sexy doing it.

Anger from my keyboard? I surprise myself.

And Joe Quesada's mess of a continuity altering story, melodramatically called One More Day? Fuck, it isn't really related. It just pisses me off. Fodder for more writing in another post entirely? I think so.


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