Are you campaiging for the people or for yourself?

The media has finally joined the rest of the sensible world in speaking of Hillary Clinton's campaign as one that is cold and dead. Cold and dead as the lady's stare.

I have a friend whose main obsession is presidential elections. He can quote voting numbers back to the Nineteenth Century. The man knows of what he speaks, and it is my understanding, from him, that she has been mathematically incapable of winning for a few months now, but that the media has been afraid to report it as it is because her campaign has made it clear that any media outlet that speaks ill of her in anyway will be blackmailed, losing them the coverage of the rest of the campaign.

If you don't think that's disgusting you must not have a clue in your head what Freedom of Speech is and I cannot help you.

The woman's campaign is running solely on the 'Me! Me! Me! I should be the President' platform. Shouldn't be that way- but it is.

Barack Obama on the other hand, may not be an angel, he's a politician like the rest. He's certainly lying about something or hedging his bets about something, but we all do that in our daily lives and all politicians do that on the national stage.

But he's smart, he's charismatic, he's motivated, and he seems to actually care about the well-being of the United States and its people.

What's not to love?

What do I think of McCain you ask? I think I'll leave that for some other post, sometime closer to the main election. More topical, right?


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