Greed and Sacrifice are like Death and Taxes

Are there just that many scam artists in the world, or is my resume just that bad? It's a good thing I just gave it an entire overhaul...

I've had to beat off not one but two job offers from scam companies this week.

Multiple reports on the Internet said that the second of these companies was essentially a predator of job-seekers. I'm willing to work for my money, but this is fucking absurd, right? I'm not crazy, yes? Survival of the fittest for cripes sakes!

I need a regular job to pay the bills, and I've never had an old-school regular job before, so I need to do the old send-out-a-resume-hope-for-the-best thing. Not that I'm sitting on my hands, of course. This blog is one of many elements of a huge life-long planned-out scheme for fame and fortune...

Well, okay not so much. But that would be unhealthy in my opinion anyway. I don't think that not knowing where I'm going to be in two years makes me lazy. I think that's just life.

And if you have your 401k rates, stock predictions, and life retirement plans all set at 22 years old and they're written down somewhere on your hard drive, I think you're crazy. Honestly. Crazy.

I want to make comics,
(I need to eat,)
and I love my girlfriend Clare.

That's just about all I'm willing to leave set in (semi-permanent, soft, erasable) stone.
And I think that's healthy.

UPDATE: 6/24/2009. Make that three scam companies.


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