Gorga's Thoughts Seize: "candy sweethearts"

New comic for ya:
Recommended listening: "You Don't Drink Coffee" by Chuck Coleman.
The theme song to my last year of high school and first year of college...

Senia and I have been working on this slowly since mid-way through college, so after five years, you can finally read it.

The always wonderful and helpful Miss. Senia Hardwick, again, writes poetry at:

~ @JonGorga


Rubber Onion said...

love the progression of the accompanied pictures' color and what's in each panel... good stuff!

Tomasz said...

Holy mustached fish Mr. Gorga, I like it.

Tomasz said...

I also notice, now, that two comics ago one wast "mustachio." Huh. I think it's awesome that you've ramped up your comic productions and collaborations since last time I looked.

Jon Gorga said...

Thanks so much for the comments Stephen and Tomasz!

I hope to push though the jungle of everyday living and get back to producing a comic per month up here!

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