How Low Can It Get?

What a ridiculous day.

I've been awake since 9 PM last night because my sleep schedule is in a state of remarkable disaster. Like the Hindenburg. But it lasts for a week.

One of my best friends basically thinks he's in trouble. Paranoia city. But the weirdest part is... he might be right.

And I'm sick.

Oh, and I got a parking ticket. A parking ticket I richly deserved no less. I stupidly forgot to put any money in the meter.

Then I get home and I find a collection notice in the mail, essentially demanding money from me for nothing. Also essentially something I deserve. I could have taken care of this as a civilized person, early and correctly, but no. I have let it sit and fester for months as I turned to more urgent things.

And then I learned that someone attending my college, in my year no less, has shuffled off their mortal coil and joined the choir invisible. Someone I never knew, which of course fills me with an inordinate amount of guilt I did nothing to earn.

Fantastic. How low can it get?


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