So... webcomics now, you ask? So soon after attempting the blogging thing you're attempting the webcomics thing? Yes.

I decided while at the MoCCA Arts Festival in New York City last weekend that I've got to at least try this. The possibilities of things one can do in a webcomic are so much wider than print comics. Publisher? Who needs a publisher? Well, I do. I still want to do this for a living (of a kind) some day. The network of people who did webcomics at the festival also seemed much more immediate then the relationships between the paltry old print comics people. I want to be a part of that warm and cuddly group.

My current goal is a weekly webcomic. I make no promises about quality... or regularity really. View at your own risk!

Oh, and the French numbering? I just like it. Good excuse to get some use out of those old high school French textbooks sitting on my shelf!


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