Gorga's Thoughts Onze: "GCT Life 6"

Finally, the end of "GCT Life":

(Click to view full sized.)

Less sad, but equally serious, fare to come next month.



Ana Cerro said...

Jon, by placing the homeless at the center of this piece, you have provided a true emotional link between the GCT people and the reader, which wasn't always apparent to me in earlier installments. You are growing into your work, which is lovely to see.

cgorga said...

Very true; hence, very powerful.

From a biased reader, your father

Abe Fernandez said...

I read the first, then was compelled to quickly read through the rest of them. Aside from being a creative and positive use of the medium, they are very well thought out and very moving! Very thought provoking too; a real eye opener. Maybe you should print them as comic books and ask GCT shop owners to make them available for customers to take for free. People using GCT on a regular basis should read them.

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