Gorga's Thoughts Dix: "Straw Man Arguing"

Again with the strange comics from this weird guy named Gorga! I make no promises about the quality of this comic. But it has been drawn on a paper straw wrapper. So there's that.

(CLICK on the photo to view full-sized.)

Please don't worry about me. Yes, this is an expression of my sadness at this time but no it is not the end of my life. It's not about any one thing or person. I hope it's all legible. And the art itself is very small. It IS on a paper straw wrapper after all!


P.S. ~ Computer trouble and life troubles for me and those around me have left me no way to complete "GCT Life" for the time being. I apologize. When we will all see that final page? Hopefully at the end of January. This straw comic I dashed out while at a comics social event is your consolation prize.


Anonymous said...

Hang on there, Gorgatron. Everyone you know here is rooting for you.

Just thought of it, do you think you will make it to the Comic Symposium this year? It would be good to see you.

Gorga said...

Thanks Nicki. That means a lot.

I VERY much want to be there for this year's Symposium! It has always made me happy. We will have to see what the future brings.

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